Why Choose KTL?

Why Choose KTL?

KTL specialise in the delivery of Fashion and Textile Apprenticeships, Apparel Manufacturing, Textile Production, Leather Goods, Footwear Industry, Dry Cleaning and Retail.

Investment in your workforce is a proven way to increase productivity, staff retention and workforce motivation.

KTL are leading experts in training and educational support for the textiles and apparel industry sectors. We can help you to improve your workforce, products and services.

We take the fear and hassle out of learning.

We know the prospect of training courses can be daunting for some learners. KTL will support you every step of the way to improving your skills and unlocking your potential. Our friendly team have lots of experience and will offer friendly support and fun whilst you learn.

Never has there been a greater incentive for apprenticeships in the UK with government incentives and more apprentices employed than ever before.

We have been working with KTL on various projects over the last 3 years. The team at KTL have provided an excellent comprehensive package of training with indepth knowlege and appreciation of a textile manufacturing operation.

We have specialist expertise in the delivery of Sector Based Skills Academies for the unemployed

We have worked across the East Midlands in Derby, Nottingham and Leicester improving local employment options working in collaboration with Job Centre Plus.

Our work in this area has also seen us deliver bespoke training courses to vulnerable groups such as ex-service personnel, drug/alcohol misusers and mental health where engagement in our training programmes has shown significant impacts on an individuals functioning and quality of life.

Working with vulnerable groups we have a success rate of over 90% and have seen learners progress into employment, further education and even planning to set up their own textile related businesses.

KTL are proud to work with a large range of textile manufacturing and apparel companies across the UK

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How Do We Do It

We design and deliver training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications. Whether it is for new or existing employees we work with you to identify your needs and improve the skills and productivity of your workforce. In many instances funding is available to support our work with you.

We work with the Sector Skills Council and Creative Skillset to assist in the development of the course content. We genuinely understand your business having a wealth of experience in the textiles and apparel industry sector. This means the training you receive will be relevant to your industry.

  • Training designed around your needs.
  • Wealth of experience in textile and apparel sector.
  • Accredited course content and qualifications.
  • Improvement in your workforce’s quality.
  • Increase the productivity of your organisation.
  • Specialist apprentice support..

We offer a wide range of training programmes ranging from apprenticeships, accredited training courses and training for unemployed linked to your organisation’s future recruitment needs.

Types Of Qualifications

Intermediate Level Apprenticeships

Apprentices work towards work based learning qualifications such as a Level 2 Competence Qualification, Functional Skills, and in most cases, a relevant knowledge based qualification.

Advanced Level Apprenticeships

Apprentices work towards work based learning such as a Level 3 Competence Qualification, Functional Skills, and in most cases, a relevant knowledge based qualification.

Higher Apprenticeships

Apprentices undertake a framework at Level 4 and above which will include a Competence Based Qualification, Functional Skills and in some cases a broader vocationally related qualification which could be Foundation Degree.

We provide accredited training to individuals in the workplace to develop their skills to enable them to perform better in their roles or to develop their skills to grow as your company grows.

We have delivered targeted programmes linked to Job Centre Plus across the East Midlands to address the training gap in UK Textile and Apparel Manufacturing. Learners have worked towards a dual qualifications: Level 1 Award in Fashion & Textiles, Level 2 Certificate in Fashion & Textiles and from 2017 a Level 1 Award in Graphic Design.

Some customers have very specific needs that do not always match exactly to an accredited qualification.  KTL have experience of designing and delivering bespoke training courses mapped against your organisation’s exact needs and expectations.