About Us

KTL is an independent training provider established in 1997 supporting the much-needed essential skills training to the apparel and textile manufacturing industry.  KTL has strong links with textile and apparel manufacturers mainly across the East Midlands including workshops within HMPP’s across the country.

As a training provider, we are rigorously audited and monitored by funding and awarding bodies to ensure delivery and processes meet the necessary expected high-quality standards.

Our Kite marks include:

All our Fashion and Textiles qualifications are accredited by SEG Awards and Laundry Operations by GQA.

Our Experience

  • Over 25 years of industry and training experience
  • Worked with a wide range of companies from small manufacturers to international brands
  • Industry experts in education and highly skilled tutors who have previously worked in the textile and apparel manufacturing industry

KTL delivers single qualifications in sewn products and textile production to employed and unemployed individuals.  Our delivery has included:

  • Supporting long-term unemployed vulnerable groups at our studio in Derby by helping to break down barriers that impede their ability to move closer towards work or further education.  Our Studio in Derby is a true reflection of great partnership arrangements with local referral organisations.  New courses to be launched in January 2023 for beginners to advanced sewing classes to upclycling.
  • Working within several Prisons across the country offering the opportunity for serving prisoners to achieve an accredited qualification mapped to their work in sewn products, textile production and laundry operations.
  • Supporting textile and apparel manufacturing companies across the East Midlands delivering qualifications to employees. This essential training enhances the existing skills and knowledge and can support audit requirements.